Representing Visual Artists

Carol Sachs travels to Japan for Wallpaper

18.10.18 | 6 images

Cat Hyland wins Gold Award! The Royal Photographic Society!


Cat Hyland travels to Italy for Wallpaper

17.09.18 | 1 images

Cat Hyland shoots Es Devlin for the September Issue of W Magazine!

12.09.18 | 1 images

Cat Hyland travels to Arles for Vanity Fair UK.


Carol Sachs travels to Copenhagen for Airbnb Magazine

29.08.18 | 5 images

Cat Hyland shoots the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek. Airfrance Paris

24.08.18 | 3 images

Michal Chelbin Shoots in Athens, Greece for Departures

20.08.18 | 4 images

Carol Sachs shoots The Greatest Martinis for Bloomberg Pursuits

09.08.18 | 2 images

Carol Sachs travels to Japan for Airbnb Magazine

25.07.18 | 4 images

Carol Sachs shoots for Wallpaper


Cat Hyland travels to Denver USA to shoot for Time Magazine

09.07.18 | 1 images

Carol Sachs shoots for the Times Luxx Magazine

05.06.18 | 5 images

Cat Hyland gets shortlisted for IPE 161 Exhibition via The Royal Photographic Society!


Catherine Hyland travels to Chile for Bloomberg Markets


Michal Chelbin Shots in Odessa, Ukraine for Dust Magazine

29.05.18 | 12 images

Carol Sachs shoots for Hole and Corner Magazine

02.05.18 | 1 images

Catherine Hyland shoots around Austria for the British Journal of Photography

30.04.18 | 3 images

Focal Point Gallery Exhibition By Catherine Hyland

25.04.18 | 20 images

Naho Kubota shoots the unwrapping of a new exhibit at the Judd Foundation for Space Magazine

19.04.18 | 13 images

Catherine Hyland shoots 6a architects and friends for Space Magazine

18.04.18 | 12 images

Carol Sachs shoots The Wild Pizzas of Southern Italy for Bloomberg

15.03.18 | 8 images

Carol Sachs travels to Italy for Conde Nast Traveler US

22.02.18 | 8 images

Catherine Hyland "Image of 2017" featured on It's Nice That (


Catherine Hyland is selected for ‘Best in Book’ Creative Review Photography Annual 2017


Catherine Hyland Shoots for Icon Magazine


Catherine Hyland directs a new film for Nowness "In Residence" Series


Catherine Hyland Shoots Vienna for Tank Magazine Travel Issue

26.11.17 | 5 images

Catherine Hyland featured in Zeit Magazine

01.11.17 | 2 images

Catherine Hyland is selected for the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2017!

17.10.17 | 1 images

Catherine Hyland Shoots Dutch Designer Hella Jongerius for Icon Magazine

31.07.17 | 1 images

Catherine Hyland's new film Tonsjil Boldog featured on Nowness, See film within artist portfolio.


Catherine Hyland travels to Mongolia for Patek Philippe

15.06.17 | 2 images

Catherine Hyland "ones to watch" featured in The British Journal of Photography

26.05.17 | 1 images

Catherine Hyland's Personal Work Universal Experience, featured on It's Nice That

18.05.17 | 1 images

ACN featured in Office Magazine